Hello and welcome to Jodie Lorraine Photography.

Make a cup of tea, settle in and let me share my journey from a happy hobby snapper to a successful studio photographer.

Hi, I’m Jodie, the owner and founder of Jodie Lorraine Photography, and I am a qualified studio photographer. Capturing moments that mark a special place in time began as my hobby but quickly grew into a passion for bringing joy to others through print.

Things you should know about me…

My pride and joy are my beautiful pigeon pair teenagers, James and Amy, and being a wife to my dear husband.

I love the simple life and am most at peace in my home surrounded by my small circle of loved ones.

I have a unique perspective on life after experiencing traumatic events, including losing my ability to speak following a car accident.

My life journey has led to me to a point where I can confidently say that I comfortable being me, comfortable being who I am, how I look, and where I am in life.

As a mum with quickly growing children, I know that life is measured by special moments in time. My journey into photography grew organically from my love of capturing every milestone, success and achievement of my family with my first DSLR camera. I treasured all of our images and wanted to ensure other families could have this timeless gift.

I developed the confidence to leave my past career and dive into professional photography. I embarked on a journey of study, editing courses and countless hours perfecting my skillset. Experimenting with new methods, lighting, poses, times of day and editing techniques until I was confident that I could provide quality and timeless keepsakes for my clients.

How I am different …

Based in Springfield, on the outskirts of Brisbane, my services have expanded so that I now operate out of a purpose-built studio. I offer a safe and supportive space for professional photography sessions. The studio lighting system ensures that everyone looks camera ready whilst highlighting their natural features, as well as accommodate individuals and large families. Safe in my studio, sessions are always calm, relaxed and enjoyable. Magic truly happens in my studio.

In recent years, I have been on my own journey of personal growth and have delved into many conversations with women surrounding self-love, self-acceptance and self-esteem. I truly believe I have transformed through overcoming life experiences and have reached a point in my life where I feel empowered and strong. Recognising this in my business, I have expanded my services to offer empowerment sessions with women. My journey of self-acceptance and empowerment has completely changed my life and capturing this realisation behind the lens for other women truly motivates me.

I specialise in print image products, as well as supply digital copies, and dedicate everything to ensuring you receive images that will be treasured in your homes everyday. I love working with families to help them select the perfect image for the perfect space in their homes.

Types of sessions…


Women and empowerment sessions

Business headshots

Creative imagery

The process to capture perfect moments…

My photography style is unique as I love to capture emotion in a studio setting. Seeing the love people and families have for each other never fails to inspire me and I strive to photograph the special connections, fleeting moments and the smiles that touch your heart. The best part of my job is showing my families the images I have taken; and seeing them stunned that there are so many beautiful images that truly capture the essence of their unique families or incredible personal journeys. Simply put, there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing the special bonds between loved ones or the inner strength of an empowered woman be translated into print images.

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