Creative work

This is a new section and a creative path that your images can be made into. I love creating these special pieces to have hanging on your walls at home. They take many hours of working out the theme, sourcing the elements and putting it all together. They start with an idea from mum or dad and discussed in detail what they would love the final image to look like, I can create these amazing piece from your session images if would love a unique piece or artwork.

Current Completed Creation

I love creating these amazing images. The Munro family came to me with a request for a Jurrasic park theme. This portrait was so much fun to create. A range of images was taken in my studio in front of a green screen and we discussed how the land was, what dinosaurs were to be in the image, added the jeep for as all Dinosaur safari images need a jeep.

" We would have never thought about having a created image done, so glad we have, it is just amazing" quoted from client

Sunset view of sugarcane plantation field - Sunset view of sugarcane plantation field landscape

Past creations

Glowing mushrooms at night - Glowing mushrooms at night in the forest

"Fairy under the moonlight" is one of the most recent images that I have created. This image came together from a dancer session I had photographed and wanted to create a special piece of artwork.


Every child is really a secret Superhero in disguise.

Lets take a Ballon ride

" I wish to see..." was created from so many elements. It was such a labour of love to figure out what to add. This image was designed for mum who was looking for something special for her daughter to continue to dream

O'Flynn night compsite

Girls are superhero's too....Girl power is all it is.